Azure DevOps Integration Tool for Office 2019

For all PMs that asked me this week where's the office 2019 integration to Microsoft's Azure DevOps, here is the link:


CentOS 7: git 2.22.0 and python 3.7.4 are ready to DOWNLOAD!

If you've reached here, I guess that you need some updated open source tools to your CentOS 7, RedHat’s solution for that is to compile these tools on your own...

So, we did it for you, git and python were compiled in portable mode so you will be easier to upgrade these tools when needed.

All installation instructions and tar balls can be found at the link below:


GitLab and Jenkins integration: No Git consumers using SCM API plugin for:

The error " No Git consumers using SCM API plugin for: <Project URL>" occurs when you push changes to the GitLab repository and the webhook don't start the needed Jenkins job.


TFS 2017 RTM upgrade process

It’s might not be surprising that TFS 2017 upgrade has changes at the process like elastic search installation as part of TFS search infrastructure.
But you may be surprised by the NEW ability to prepare a staging environment for the upgrade. Which means: You can restore the production databases to a new environment and the upgrade will fix and adjust the restored tables to the new machine (instead of manual steps of remap DB)

All steps shown below…



How to make a relationship between "Parent" and "External Child"

1.       Do a baseless merge (command line). For example: tf merge /recursive /baseless "$/TeamProject/src/External Child" "$/TeamProject/src/Parent"
2.       Check-in the changes from the merge (can be done from Visual Studio)

3.       From Visual Studio: Right click on "External Child" select "Branching & Merging"àReparent. Select "Parent Branch"

The Result: