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TFS 2012 update 2 - my favorite features

Although there is a lot of new features you may find in update 2 (you can find full list here),

These are my favorite features from the current update.

  • New Blue Theme for Visual Studio IDE - good bye gray boring style.
  • TFS 2012 update 2 has a backward compatibility with build machines from 2010, which means you don't need to upgrade the build infrastructure while upgrading to TFS 2012.
  • Work item tagging - which is a new way of filtering work item query's results.
  • While upgrading to 2012 you'll have as default your old version parameters, which means you don't need to remember all old configuration.
  • New TFS connection dialog.

Microsoft currently working on update 3 (mainly for bug fix)...


Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 - Available for Download

Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 is available for download here.
Read more about it at Somasegar's blog (the corporate vice president of the Developer Division at Microsoft).