Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2015 - Cross Platform Development

Best with VS

Microsoft has officially launched the latest version of its Visual Studio 2015, after a year of previews and a release candidate, and the new .Net framework 4.6.

Visual Studio 2015 is now available for download from MSDN and Visualstudio.com.


Easy way to prepare your code with TFS prerequisites

Hi all,

We are all familiar with the issue, when we want to write some application that connect with TFS. In order to prepare our solution for TFS API we have a several DLLs that we need to reference to (image below e.g.).


Build XCode projects with TFS 2015 CTP

I didn't believed it till I saw it myself, TFS 2015 (still in CTP stage) contains multiplatform build frameworks. XCode, Maven, Ant, Android build, Gradle, Shell script etc. is now part of TFS out of the box.
Believe it or not here are some screenshots: